dwMap Customized Data Fields




  • Pacurar Paul

    such a pity it is not available as a data field, in Activity Settings (or at least it is not clearly stated). I don't want to run dwMap app INSTEAD of garmin's RUN, CYCLE and so on app

  • Marcus

    Paul -- As well as the full dwMap app, we do have a data field, called mapField.


    Data fields are very limited in what they can do, but we've squeezed as much capability from dwMap as we can into the data field, which can be used within Garmin's Run, Bike, etc.

  • AllieGato

    OK, great, but how on earth do you actually DO this? On the watch? In the app? On garmin connect? On this website? More information, please!

  • Marcus

    You configure your dwMap Premium custom data fields on the website -- go to Settings https://dynamic.watch/settings and click on the [Custom Data Fields] button.  dwMap running on your watch will pick up the new field arrangement next time that it starts up (when it automatically downloads your current active route and its settings from the website).

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